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One month in Timpany

One month ago I began a new professioanl adventure. After having quite my job before holidays I began to work as freelancer for Timpany Languages, contributing to their project around 25 per week. I mainly work in place.

One month part time is not a lot, but enought to have some first impressions:


  • Great people to work with
  • A team really open to new proposals
  • Interesting project


The current stack I’m working is PHP + Zend Framework I + MySQL + SOAP + SVN+tortoise as version control system and Jira to manage issues.

We are moving step by step towards a Scrum / agile management  and  Jira was already introduced after my proposal, and I hope that on the mid run other proposals already given and currently on the backlog stack sooner or later will be implemented. :-D



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